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Hong Kong has been a strategic location for the blooming Blockchain industry in the recent years. Blockchain technology have been a hit but there is a lack of education and community events in Hong Kong. To close the gap, is established to bring blockchain to the public and spread the greatness of the exciting ecosystem. We believe a much wider penetration in Blockchain/Dapps/Smart Contract could be easily achieved with great projects. is a group of blockchain enthusiasts based in Hong Kong. We aim to grow the blockchain community in Hong Kong. There are more than 10 core members at the moment, varying from code developers, content creators and community partners. As a community-based team, we are closely connected with the Hong Kong blockchain-community and deliver solutions to meet the demand of the community. There are lots of volunteers voicing ideas and suggestions for the community, facilitating the growth of the blockchain community together.

Our team had made noteworthy contributions towards the Lisk community with limited resources, and we will continue to bring our ideas to reality and introduce Lisk to more people in the Asia-Pacific region. Here we ask everyone who appreciates our efforts to show your support by voting us to be a forging delegate of Lisk. Your vote matters and allows us to continue our contributions to the local and worldwide Lisk community.


Being Lisk forging delegates, we shoulder a greater responsibility for the better development of the ecosystem. Not only in helping maintenance of a secured and efficient network for Lisk. We are also well aware of our strength and weaknesses, so we have dedicated to contribute in the following areas:

  • Ecosystem Building

Share, discuss and explore the capability of blockchain. We welcome people of different backgrounds to embrace the power of blockchain technology. Our primary goal is to keep our community growing and developing in a health manner. Enhanced community connection can encourage collaboration and cooperation among community members through development of tools, sponsorships and events. With the support of a substantial community base, we believe the synergy effect can boost the outcome of our effort.

  • Education

Raise the public knowledge and awareness on blockchain technology development through co-operation with community and blockchain-related enterprise. In-depth education is essential towards the penetration of blockchain technology.

  • Promotion

Encourage blockchain technology adoption and showcase the potential of blockchain technology to the public through a series of blockchain introductory events. We believe the promotion of the technology can reach different audience in the society.

  • Network Assurance

Participate in running nodes in both mainnet and testnet Lisk blockchain, in a reliable and secure manner. We will work towards as one of the members in guaranteeing a secure and effective network. Such can contribute to assure Lisk blockchain to be durable.


Despite being newly founded, have created something great for the Lisk community already.

  • Lisk Fiat Adoption Launch Party

Lisk Fiat Adoption Launch Party

This event was our first offline meet up, allowing our local community to gather and celebrate our achievements for making Lisk available for purchase from Bitcoin ATM. This also attracted some newcomers to the cryptocurrency and Blockchain world, and let them understand what Lisk is capable of delivering in the near future.

Recap of the night:

  • Lisk Fiat Adoption on Bitcoin ATM

Lisk Fiat Adoption on Bitcoin ATM

Blockchain penetration largely depends on their technology as well as the cryptocurrency accessibility. Our Tech team have successfully developed the codes so that worldwide General Bytes Bitcoin ATM can now support Lisk purchase with local fiat.  General Bytes Bitcoin ATM owners can choose to accept any kind of currency for Lisk. This also can showcase the high transaction speed and low transaction fee of Lisk as well as the compatibility of the Lisk mobile wallet for day-to-day Lisk usage. General Bytes ATM also has nearly 30% of market share on Bitcoin ATM, which can help promote and public penetration of Lisk. With the availability of SDK, we may support Lisk fiat trading on ATMs of other brands.

  • Token 2049 side event – Seminar at HKU

Token 2049 side event – Seminar at HKU

In March, we co-organized a seminar on sidechain at University of Hong Kong with Max Kordek. The seminar is also a official side event of Token 2049. Max shared with us about the sidechain feature of Lisk, as well as his insight on the development blockchain technology. We have more than 100 participants joined us and we met many blockchain enthusiasts in the community.

  • Lisk Airdrop Starter Pack

Lisk Airdrop Starter Pack

Max looking at the starter pack

We have piloted the Lisk physical Airdrop Starter Pack, which includes a Lisk ID (with QR code), passphrase, instruction of setting up new Lisk ID and introduction of Lisk. This Lisk Airdrop Starter Pack allows beginners to explore Lisk without any prerequisite knowledge. The whole card pack is dedicated for Lisk promotion and education purpose, and we have given away this during our Lisk Fiat Adoption Launch Party. All our guests loved this idea and we had also received a lot of positive feedbacks from the Lisk community.

In the coming weeks, we will offer card packs to global Lisk community for promoting Lisk to the beginners of blockchain technology

  • Lisk Info bot in Telegram

Currently a lot of Lisk tools are being developed, but they are all scattered on different webpages. Newcomers may find it difficult to enter and utilize the Lisk community. To tackle  this problem, we are proud to present our all-in-one mobile platform to provide a more user-friendly Lisk utility experience for adopters.

Lisk Info bot users may save up to 10 wallet ID and check 5 recent transactions of saved wallets. Delegate rewards and balance at a particular date within last 3 months can also be checked.

More functions will be available in coming versions. Your comments and suggestions about the bot are most welcomed.

  • Online tutorial

To provide educational tools for beginners in blockchain world, we will produce online tutorials on topics of blockchain. This can attract more people with interest in blockchain to discover the potential of blockchain technology and join the community.

Community Commitments

We value our community and it empowers us the driving force for a better Blockchain ecosystem. We will strive to return what we have to our community. More specifically the work of will include, but not limited to:

  • Community Rewards will share 30% of the forging rewards to the voters. The remaining 70% will be reserved for nodes maintenance, daily expenses for and community support.

  • Meetups

Our Lisk fiat adoption launch party was a great success with over 80 participants. Monthly meetups will be organized for blockchain beginners and enthusiasts to promote community development. In March, we co-organized a the TOKEN 2049 side event at HKU with Max Kordek! In future we will actively look for opportunities to provide events on communication and education for our community members.

  • Worldwide Lisk Community support

Lisk HQ team travels to different parts of the world for conference and meetups, we would love to provide assistance in any upcoming event in Asia Pacific region as a liaison with local community or even co-organizer. Supports for our Lisk Airdrop Starter Pack in other Lisk events worldwide are also welcome. We believe these would help promote Lisk to a boarder population and attract more potential Lisk adopters.

  • Seminars

To enhance public understanding of the blockchain technology, we are organizing a series of seminars targeting audience of different backgrounds. From introductory seminars to technical workshops, from blockchain startups to banking sector, we target all crypto enthusiasts of different backgrounds. Through inviting guest speakers of experts in blockchain sector, we believe their sharing on seminars can enhance participants’ knowledge on the new technology. Our first ever blockchain seminar was launched at City University of Hong Kong in January.  More exciting workshops and seminar are coming!

  • Sponsorships

Blockchain is an innovative, fast-growing technology but its proper growth and developments rely heavily on community supports and engagements. To support contributions to the Lisk community, we will provide sponsorship to community’s activities that are beneficial to the Lisk ecosystem.

  • Lisk tip bot in Telegram

Other than the info bot, we also supported the development of the tip bot for Lisk on telegram. We believe the tip function can encourage more community interactions and contribute in community development. We will work on updates and maintenance of the bot to ensure decent user experience.

  • News Publication

Despite the high penetration of Lisk in different parts of the world, we are surprised to see only limited Chinese language support was found. This will hinder the Lisk adoption we hope to achieve. To promote Lisk to a broader Chinese community, we will work with local online crypto media CoinNewsHK to provide more news and independent studies related to blockchain technology and Lisk ecosystem.

  • Technology developments

Apart from our community developments, we will continue with our technology developments that can benefit the Lisk community.

  • Test Node and Mainnet Node Running

Delegate Architecture

We are already running a test node to allow developer’s testing. Like other delegates, we will run a mainnet node and keep the Lisk network running properly.

  • Full Trading of Lisk-Fiat on Bitcoin ATM

Due to the limitation of General Bytes Bitcoin ATM, we could only support Lisk purchase for now. The full release of the code from Bitcoin ATM is expected to take place in the coming future, within 30 days after the release, we will be able to conduct the code development for full Lisk-Fiat trading.

  • SDK Support for Community

To response the availability of SDK (Sidechain Development Kit) in the near future, we will provide related aid and support on the SDK for the community to enhance the usage and application of SDk and Lisk network.

  • Community Engagement

As a community-based team, we always encourage the participation and engagement of our blockchain community to support the development.

  • Developments on Lisk Info bot

In addition to basic functions, wallet QR code will be supported in the next version of Info bot. A ‘news button’ will also be added to provide the most updated Lisk news and LiskHQ tweets. For Lisk traders, are considering to add price chart in Info bot too.To support sustainable growth of Lisk community, a good remuneration system to reward contributors is vital. That’s why we are developing a tip function for public donation. The system will first be deployed on Telegram and accept Lisk. Upon successful deployment, acceptance of other tokens within Lisk ecosystem will follow soon.

We are, we believe in the Lisk sidechain technology, and is working our best to let more people know about Lisk. We need your support to realise our plan, vote for us, we are