Highlights on Lisk Shanghai Meetup


Lisk Ambassador of China has held the 2nd Lisk community meetup in Shanghai, China. The meetup covered the overview of Lisk ecosystem, the sidechain technologies, some recent developments such as the mobile wallet and the newly released Roadmap for Lisk. There was also sharing session from the Chinese Lisk community on their view of LSK regarding the recent markets.

Few of our core members flew to Shanghai to attend the meetup, where we enjoyed our time meeting Lisk community members in China. We shared the concepts and ideas of 9up.io with them and distributed our newly made Lisk Education Starter Pack as to spread the great of Lisk to the local community.

Lisk Shanghai meetup was a great event, it was fruitful, informative and wonderful to meet Lisk Supporters who love Lisk as we do. We look forward to future collaborations and promote the Lisk ecosystem to the public around the world. Stay tune for the updates!

Our community partner Calvin (in grey) had in-depth discussion with the Lisk Ambassador, Tim Yau and other Lisk enthusiasts at the event.