Lisk airdrop starter pack


Access the power of blockchain and experience the magic in hand, this card pack can open the gate to a new technology era. We create this for our upcoming Lisk-Fiat-adoption launch party. This starter pack contains a Lisk ID created by us, along with the passphrase, instruction to create a new Lisk ID and an introductory about Lisk. Our airdrop will be dropped into the Lisk ID, those who received our packs can follow the instruction to setup a new Lisk ID and transfer the airdropped Lisk to the new Lisk ID.

Lisk Airdrop Starter Pack – Perfect beginner guides for hands on experience for crypto-beginners. No downloads, no prerequisites, ideal for introductory events, airdrops, lucky draw, promotional purpose.

We are glad to set up arrangements for the Lisk Airdrop Starter Pack support for other Lisk events worldwide, please do contact us and make Lisk more accessible to public~