Lisk fiat adoption launch party


Buying Lisk with fiat from Bitcoin ATM is never a dream, all General Bytes Bitcoin ATM can now support Lisk purchase (owner’s concensus). Thanks to our tech team in developing the codes, testing and validating all the processes. At least 9 Bitcoin ATMs in Hong Kong now provide Lisk purchase, and any General Bytes ATM worldwide can choose to support Lisk.

We believe by having Bitcoin ATM supporting Lisk Purchase, would help bring in more potential adopters to Lisk. After all Lisk is a cryptocurrency and being able to purchase from Bitcoin ATM is a big step. Big step deserve a good celebration.

We have organized the Lisk Fiat adoption launch party at the Hub on 5-Oct-2018, with sponsors from Lisk Elite and Nitroswap. Over 80 people joined us for the night, we have prepared our Lisk Airdrop starter pack for all our participants. This is our first showcase of our Lisk Airdrop Starter pack and everyone loved it. This pack was made to allow the participants to experience the Lisk purchasing from supported Bitcoin ATM that night.

Help Lisk grow, ask your nearby Bitcoin ATM to support Lisk Fiat Adoption.

Let’s recap the night at here: