Lisk-Fiat Crypto ATM Code


What if you can buy Lisk from Crypto-ATM?

This came up to our minds when we ask how we could contribute to the Lisk ecosystem.

We explore with the different crypto-ATM machines suppliers wordwide, and found out majority of them are closed sourced, meaning that we cannot develop anything to support Lisk on those crypto-ATM.

We collaborated with Nitroswap, and explored the crypto-ATM from General Bytes, a popular brand of crypto-ATM and one of the open source crypto-ATM on the market. General bytes releases their codes from time to time, with the newly released codes, we are able to develop codes for Lisk purchasing on the Bitcoin ATM with local fiat currency. Our community tech lead, Kelvin, who had dedicated his time in making this happening, as we believe that this can help promote Lisk by making it available on Bitcoin ATM for general public to explore.

We will further implement with the Lisk-Fiat full trading when the General Bytes codes are available.