Lisk Meetup with CEO Max Kordek in HKU

, co-host the seminar on Decentralized Application and Sidechain with HKU Blockchain Club at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) on 15/3, as part of Asia Crypto Week and Token2049 official side events.

It was exciting to see more than 70 community members and university students joining us to learn about blockchain and sidechain technologies with Max last night. It was awesome to know the updates of Lisk and the progress towards the Sidechain Development Kit. The public seminar ended with a fireside chat moderated by Coinnewshk on blockchain ecosystem, Max’s view towards the mass adoption of blockchain and perspective of Lisk developments.

Our local Lisk community seized the night to have a Lisk Meet-up with Max to seek advice on how the community could help expand Lisk adoption and what roles we could play in assist this. We were also grateful to have some of the Lisk delegates joining us and sharing recent updates of their projects.

The whole evening was very fruitful, as more people at university level get to know about Lisk and the sidechain technologies in blockchain. We also got a refined picture on how to grow with the Lisk community before and after the SDK development from an enjoyable night of discussions.

Stay tune with and hope to see you guys next time!