Lisk Starter Card Pack


In our Lisk-Fiat Adoption Launch party, we showcased the development of Lisk-Fiat adoption with Bitcoin ATM and demonstrated the purchase of Lisk through Bitcoin ATM. Many Lisk community members were delighted and showed interest in our Lisk Starter Card Pack. We got a chance to present our stunning card pack to Max Kordek and explain how it can be utilised to promote Lisk adoption during his stay in Hong Kong for Asia Crypto Week and token2049 in March. We also successfully invited Max to be the speaker of our crypto seminar at the University of Hong Kong, which was highly praised by HKU students, alumni and staff.

Another batch of Lisk Starter Card Pack has been prepared and sent overseas. Big shout out to all the community members who have helped improve our Starter Pack. Hopefully our card pack will reach more people in the world to bring a better understanding of Lisk and its role in the blockchain ecosystem.

Stay tuned with us if you are interested in our card packs.