9up.io Blockchain Seminar Series

9up.io is kicking off 2019 with Coinnewshk and the City University of Hong Kong Computer Science Society — DIETCODE on a new blockchain seminar series. We are excited to invite Kin Ko, the founder of Likecoin Foundation to provide an introductory level of seminar and hands-on experience on blockchain application.

We are targeting blockchain beginners to let them understand the concepts of blockchain technologies and witness the daily application of this emerging technology using Likecoin as example. The seminar will introduce the advantage of blockchain and the tokenomics‘ benefit to our daily lives.

Our first seminar will be held on 28-Jan, 2019 from 7-9pm at Yeung Kin Man Acad Building LT-16. Please bring along your computer to try some simple blockchain handlings and applications.

For more details, check out the Eventbrite or contact us directly. See you soon!