Highlight Events for Next Week

Next week will be an exciting week for many blockchain projects and local blockchain communities, as Token 2049 and Asia Crypto Week will be happening in town! Those events are major Asia gatherings for various blockchain projects and communities to meet; tons of meet-ups will take place next week. Here we have selected a few noteworthy public events and recommend our community to join. Many of those events are official side events of Token 2049 or Asia Crypto Week, be sure to check them out.


March 11, 2019
Asia Crypto Week

March 12, 2019
Blockchain Consensus Meetup with IBM, Paxful and DECENT

March 13, 2019
TOKEN 2049

Ethereum Asia SuperMeetup Pass

Blockchain Linking the World (Ont, QuarkChain, Beam)

TOKEN 2049 Pub Crawl by Bitcoin HK (BAHK)

March 14, 2019
Litecoin x VNX Meetup Pass

March 15, 2019
Decentralized Application In One Ecosystem: A Perspective of Sidechain


We believe those events are highly valuable for our blockchain communities and provide good opportunities to know more about different famous projects, hope to see you guys there.

If you are interested in different local blockchain project meet up or seminars, do check out our new Event Calendar on 9up.io.