Highlights of 9up.io regular meetup – December

9up.io is dedicated in bringing blockchain projects to various audiences to promote the daily application of the technologies. We are excited to have over 60 participants joining us tonight for our 9up.io regular meetup – December.

We are grateful to have
CoinNewsHK: YH Chan, Jason Wan
LikeCoin: Kin Ko
CyberMiles: Yuiki Wong, Seven Fan
Machine Xchange Coin: Calvin Kwok
MyEthShop: Alan Lau, Wel Sun
with us tonight and shared about their projects, ideas, vision and showcased the cutting edge technology achievements that they have made in the past year.

It is an awesome night to joint ideas in the community and fascinating projects at the event. It could definitely improve the confidence of the blockchain supporters in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned for our future events on 9up.io website and be sure to join our telegram, follow our Twitter and Facebook page for updated news! Thank you everyone for supporting 9up.io and hope to see you in the future!

Special thanks to Orichal Partners for lending the venue and support the blockchain community development.