LSK Fund Launch


We are proud to announce the launching of the LISK Starlit Kick-start Fund (LSK Fund). We as Lisk forging delegates holds a critical position in the LISK ecosystem, not just for network maintenance, but also for the development of the whole project.

Lisk has always been a project that we care and we believe by providing long term financial support for technology development and community building, we can introduce Lisk to more people for better adoption.

Hence the idea of the LSK fund sprouted, we would like to leverage the power of generous, continuous donations from forging delegates to provide a flexible and continuous support to worthy projects for Lisk.

The LSK fund will be divided into two streams, the first is technology branch, where we would like to support developers to explore the power of Lisk for decentralized applications. The second is the community branch, without community building, the project’s growth would be limited.

The LSK fund promises to give support to those who deserved, under a donors team management panel, with security and auditing.

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For their donations

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