Lisk and


We are and we have been actively promoting Lisk in Asia. In 2018, we have developed the codes for Lisk to be bought with Fiat on Crypto-ATM. This was the first in worldwide, and we launched a celebration party as to implement the Fiat purchase of Lisk In Hong Kong ( At the same time, we have been creating Lisk promotional card packs to facilitate crypto-beginners to experience cryptocurrency, starting with Lisk. This also help promote the Lisk adoption around the world. Later on we have collaborated with LiskHQ in producing a new batch of Lisk starter card packs, over 2000 packs were sent to LiskHQ and around the world in promoting Lisk wallet initialisation and brief introduction of Lisk ( is dedicated to community building and educations, apart from the Lisk starter card packs and Lisk-Fiat crypto-ATM adoptions, we actively co-operates with regional cryptocurrency and blockchain events in promoting Lisk. We joined up with Asia Crypto Week, TOKEN2049 and many other blockchains events in spreading information of Lisk to build a stronger ecosystem ( We teamed up with TEAMZ Japan Blockchain Summit for a one day side event with Max Kordek and Lisk Tokyo Center in 2020, but unfortunately due to the pandemic, the event was postponed (hopefully, the pandemic will get better soon and we can resume those offline community events). Furthermore, we are in talk with multiple top universities and parties to see how we can better bring communities in Asia and Europe together by hosting synchronised online events.


Giving back to the Lisk community is also something that we valued a lot, in 2020 we have set up the Lisk Starlit Fund to support the Lisk community development and marketing initiatives in the region ( We constantly make donations to developers and projects we think have potentials, like Lisker, LCU DAO, Arcado, Collabolancer, Poland Lisk Centre, Leasehold etc. Furthermore, Lisk delegate voters of will share 30% of our forged payout as our gratitude. Apart from financial contributions, we are also actively supporting community projects in developing NFT projects within the Lisk ecosystem, reviewing projects that have potential to grow in the Lisk ecosystem, managing a node in TestNet, continuing our translation and spreading advertorials of Lisk in Asia.


Our work cannot be done without the previous support from the Lisk community, if you value what we have done and believe in our work, please continue your support and vote to support us. Let us help to build a stronger Lisk ecosystem together. Thank you.